Tuesday, April 08, 2014

UFO flashing lights over Tustin California 4.3.2014

New UFO video showing flashing lights filmed over Tustin California 4.3.2014

Mufon I wanted to share this video with you because I can't exactly explain what happened. My fiancé and I live in Tustin, near the 55 freeway and directly under the approach path to John Wayne regional airport. As an army aviation veteran I'm right at home around air traffic and often look up to see the passing craft. We had just returned from visiting friends and as we got out of the car we saw a light that didn't look like any other aircraft I'm familiar with. We have each taken a video of the event, shooting from to different parts of the parking lot simultaneously. The craft appeared as four lights in a row, three blinking to a pattern and one remaining solid. It seemed to hover in the same place for the first ten minutes that we stood there watching it. Then it began to descend slowly. It made a slow but distinct right angled turn towards the north and seemed to head away from us towards the west. As I mentioned this observation out loud it seemed to form into one solid light and double back directly towards us. It then put on a light display, splitting into multiple smaller points of light, always in a row, and then back to a single bright light. We have never experienced anything like this before. I tried to get as much reference as was possible. I caught it in frame with the moon, I caught the top of the car ports, and (though it's dark) I even managed to catch power lines and lamp posts. The sounds of airplanes and helicopters can be heard passing over our heads, but this craft made no noise at all.
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Anonymous said...

Miss your posts Sir. One of the most legitimate sites on the web and you've been gone too long. We need serious minded people like yourself to keep the sceptics on the run. Hope you're OK

Anonymous said...

where is matt???

Zach Henley said...

Great article! It must have been amazing seeing it in person.

This is a great video I found that you should definitely check out http://www.ufosight.com/ufo-milan-italy/

Ufo Alien said...

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Echo Lokos said...

It is amazing how many sincere UFO reports there are across the country, and the world, and that they can go completely unnoticed or simply set aside by a vast majority of people.

Please keep up the good work in sharing the best UFO videos and stories. Your work is appreciated by many.

Echo Lokos
World UFOs

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