Tuesday, April 08, 2014

Thank-you for your support and comments

Finally better here and ready to post.
and .. Yes Im still here!

Thank-you for all the kind comments of encouragement.

With my Gmail account being compromised not once but an incredible 3 times over the last month, which is beyond unusual,  ive had a few strange setbacks and obviously someone wanted this site gone when i was down on luck.

Not giving up! That was my longest break every in 8 years!
No more of that.

I have so many emails to go over..

Keep your eyes to the Skies!
Please help also but using the submit button above to send in your video submissions.


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Gory Bloodfest said...

keep at it you do a great job with your blog. i wish for you to be healed.

Gory Bloodfest said...

keep it up, i like your blog. i come here to see whats up in the skys occassionally. i wish for you to be healed

Anonymous said...

" 3 Months now!?"..Where there is a will, there is a way!..yes?..Can you enlighten us,to what is happening??? considering you said your ready to post,and yes! your still there!..BUT ARE YOU?? Give us some feedback, PLEASE...?

Even if you just say, Matt here, still with you all. Its better than nothing at all, MATT?.................

Anonymous said...

Way to go, Matt!! and thank you..At least,we all know now, your still with us!?

But where do we go from here?..This is like an association for pursuing common interest on Ufo, but not talkin:) or at least,"up to date activity" that we all look forward to, on a day to day updating, as advertised!? This is what has made RealUFOs, so popular, on this site. NOW!! it has stopped, and many, must be speculating, WHY SO LONG??................? 0.0

Anonymous said...

Yes there out there. On the dark side of the moon.thats wy we have been told not to go back. Get a good scope and you can see them visiting us.

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