Friday, January 26, 2007

Terrifying - An Inconvinent Truth Al Gore Global warming

Just an unrelated post to this blog but nevertheless important.
This movie has been around for a while and is a must watch to learn about the crisis of global warming, its really freaky, get it out on dvd or download the whole things below the preview:

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Thursday, January 25, 2007

alleged O'Hare airport UFO picture in Chicargo

A photograph has surfaced on the internet of the alleged O'Hare airport UFO. The above photograph shows a relatively low detail shot of an airport, along with a grey cylindrical object near the top right corner. The individual who took the photograph sent it to a friend. That friend subsequently posted it on a popular conspiracy message board, "Above Top". However, there is still debate about whether or not the photograph is real.
If any additional UFO photographs or information becomes available in regard to the O'Hare UFO case, it will be posted on this page.
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Government fails to look into O’Hare UFO

Earth was visited by aliens in November. Or at least it's possible. Many employees of O'Hare Airport in Chicago have come forward and described a round gray object hovering just below cloud level around 4:30 p.m. on Nov. 7. But since then, there has not been a single probe by the FAA or the government.

Both the amount of witnesses and their credibility is extremely high. That is what sets the O'Hare sighting apart from most other sightings. These employees are well-trained mechanics, managers and pilots whose main motivation for reporting the sighting was the safety of airline passengers. But even after such a large amount of people risked their livelihoods and reputations to report a UFO, nobody has taken them seriously.
United refuses to acknowledge that any incident ever occurred, saying there is no record of the event. The FAA has chosen not to investigate, chalking everything up to a weather phenomenon. Why?

By ignoring the statements of a multitude of incredible witnesses, the organizations hope the issue will just go away. It probably will. But this is not a viable course of action. There should be an investigation about the sighting, if for no other reason than the fact that objects flying over restricted airspace could cause accidents killing hundreds of people. Maybe it wasn't a UFO, but the public deserves to know their plane isn't going to be blindsided upon runway approach by a weather balloon. And maybe, during the investigation, we find out what visited O'Hare. The truth is out there Rate this posting:

French to reveal UFO secrets

UFO sightings in France are set to be revealed - exciting paranormal enthusiasts in the UK.
The archive of over 1,600 incidents will be released by France's National Space Studies Centre (CNES) and has led to calls for the UK to publish all its sightings.
The highly-anticipated online archive was due to go live this month but has now been delayed until at least March, said the space agency.
Nick Pope, former head of the Ministry of Defence’s UFO projects division, said the France archive could track the paths of unidentified flying objects across the Channel.
Nick said: “I really welcome the French move. There is a huge interest in UFO sightings. It will be great to see if there are reports in there which relate to classic UFO sightings.”
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Tuesday, January 23, 2007

If elected will Hillary Clinton expose the truth on Ufo's?

If Hillary Clinton gets elected as president do you think she will do anything to investigate the UFO phenomenon? It seems like a weird question to ask but it is actually a growing concern among the American population.
The Clinton’s were interested in Ufo's. In fact, when first elected president Bill Clinton said to his advisor "I want you to find the answers to two questions for me. One, who killed JFK. And, Two, are there UFOs? " But does Hillary share Bill’s same concern about Ufo’s?

Continue reading of this more at this site:

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Monday, January 22, 2007

Air Force pilot reports ufo over Arkansas

A retired Air Force pilot is reporting that he spotted and photographed what he believes is a UFO over his home in Arkansas. According to an online report from World Net Daily the retired Colonel first believed that the lights were that of an aircraft. But after observing he decided otherwise.

"I believe these lights were not of this world, and I feel a duty and responsibility to come forward," Col. Brian Fields told WND.Com. "I have no idea what they were."

The article notes that just like with the witnesses said with the Phoenix Lights, he believed that the lights were not military flares as they did not descend. "I'm certain it wasn't an aircraft [from Earth]," said Fields, who also ruled out the possibility of flares, saying they didn't descend like flares typically do. "It's not anything I ever had any experience with . ... They were some kind of energy or something."

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Sunday, January 21, 2007

More on the Ufo that Crashed in Iran

BOUYER AHMAD, Iran, Jan. 19 (UPI) -- Witnesses reported seeing an unidentified flying object hovering for more than an hour over Bouyer Ahmad, Iran.
The glowing object was spotted Wednesday, two days after a similar object, described as having a yellow ray and a red center, was sighted at the same time of day, the Fars News Agency reported Friday.
Witnesses said the object was flying at a low altitude. (the picture to the left is an actual photo taken of the object.)
The sightings follow a UFO crash Jan. 10 in Barrez Mounts, Iran. Deputy Gov.-Gen. Abulghassem Nasrollahi of Kerman province said police and other authorities were investigating the incident. He said the crash could not have been an airplane or helicopter because all aircraft flying through the area on that day had been accounted for.
Iranian officials said the object involved in the crash, which is the latest in many similar incidents in the region, may have been a spy plane or high-tech espionage device.
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The O’Hare UFO sighting may be start of a ‘Flap’

In the wake of the O’Hare International Airport UFO report that was carried on CNN and other news media in November, further recent sightings suggest we may be experiencing what those in ‘ufology’ refer to as a ‘flap,’ which is a period of time in which very many of these mysterious craft are seen in the skies.

On November 7, a flying saucer-like object hovered low over O'Hare International Airport for several minutes before it flew off into thick clouds with such energy that it left a hole in the overcast sky, and dozens of United Airlines employees observed the phenomenon.

Officials at the airport initially said they knew nothing of the mysterious object, however, the Federal Aviation Administration admitted its air traffic control tower at O'Hare airport had received a call from a supervisor there who wanted to know if the controllers had spotted an elliptical-shaped craft staying motionless over Concourse C of the United Airlines terminal.

Since then, and with all the interest the O’hare airport story has sparked, further reports have surfaced of sightings of UFOs in other parts of the world. Witnesses have claimed to have watched an unidentified flying object hovering at a low altitude for more than an hour over Bouyer Ahmad, Iran.

The glowing object was spotted two days after a similar object, described as having a yellow ray and a red centre, was sighted at the same time of day, the Fars News Agency reported. These sightings are following a reported UFO crash January 10 in the Barrez Mounts, Iran.

Deputy Governor-General Abulghassem Nasrollahi of Kerman province said police and other authorities were investigating and that the crash could not have been an airplane or helicopter because all aircraft flying in the area on that day had been accounted for.
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