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Ancient Aliens Season 3 Episode 7 Aliens, Plagues and Epidemics

The new Ancient Aliens Episode - Aliens, Plagues and Epidemics:
I would like to remind everyone that viruses are used in genetic engineering to change DNA.. so this could not be too far off the mark:
Scientists are continually challenged by unidentified strains of bacteria with mysterious origins. Could some of our most crippling plagues and epidemics be traced to the darkest voids of space--or even extraterrestrial intervention? During the Black Death of the Middle Ages, people reported bronze flying ships emitting a strange mist. As recently as 2011, NASA scientist Richard Hoover published evidence of life in meteorites. Is it possible that ancient aliens--as small as microbes--have shaped human history?

Bright red Triangle UFO hovering over Moscow 2011-09-07

A glowing red triangle Ufo was recorded on video over Moscow Russia 7th September 2011.
I would like your comments on this new footage. Im not sure why there are so many ufo reports from moscow recently but this footage is quite unique. If you live in moscow we would also like to hear from you directly if you have also spotted an unusual craft.

Bright daylight UFO craft over Wiltshire UK 25.07.2011

Ufo video submitted by one of our RealUfos readers from the land of crop circles - Wiltshire in the the UK:

Posters comments:
On 25.07.2011 I was camping in Wiltshire UK, Tan Hill (294m above sea level). I like studying crop circle and observe a sky. That evening at around 9PM I saw bright light in the sky. Was too early for any stars to be visible, and this light was looking brighter than any planet. First I thought it was a airplane. I grabbed my camera and zoomed in to the object. Tho having small display on my Sony HDR-SR10E camcorder, and after I zoomed in, I have realised that this was a disk like shaped object, tilted at around 45º of its horizontal axes, with a soft "wobbly blinking" like light around. At the time I did not suspected it was just a beginning of a light show I saw that evening.

5 minutes later, another light has appeared in sky. I zoomed in to the second object which was about 30 km left from the previous one. This light was pretty much at the same hight, but it was much brighter and chaotically blinking. At some point this light becomes so bright that I was unable to see any solid physical shape behind. Tho at some point it become less bright and disk like object was visible again and like the first one, was tilted at around 45º of its horizontal axes as well.

Later on, these lights wore back in the sky in the same and / or different location, but all wore almost at the same hight. Some of them wore on for longer time and some just for a minute. On numerous occasion I saw more than one object / light at the time.

Virgins Ufo Shaped spaceport is readying for flights in 2013 !

Amazing illustration of Virgin Galactic's Ufo shaped spaceport has surfaced (see below). The spaceport is being completed in time for the launch date in 2013 of the virgin galactic craft.
It seems that New Mexico is the preferred choice for many future space developments, and i can assure you the location and ufo shape is no co-incidence. If they really want ufos to land then this spaceport makes for an ideal location as it will be clearly visible from the upper atmosphere.
Phase one of the world's first commercial spaceport, which will be the hub for Virgin's consumer spaceflights, is now 90 per cent complete.
The 1,800-acre Spaceport America site, in Las Cruces, New Mexico, is the home base for Virgin Galactic, Richard Branson's most ambitious business venture yet.
It already boasts a runway stretching to nearly two miles long, a futuristic styled terminal hanger, and a dome-shaped Space Operations Centre.
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While NASA is out of funds and the current shuttle is retired, the US government would like us to believe that they have handed the space race over to the hands of private industry. Infact it is quite the contrary, with China's space race on the rise, the US government has merely outsourced work and combined research effects with private industry in an attempt to cash in on the upcoming commercialization of space.

UFO incident infront of Australian Navy Destroyer

I would like to remind everyone that Ufos are constantly monitoring and sometimes intentionally disability our military installations - Especially where there are intercontinental ballistic missiles (ICBM) and far reaching weapons. Testimony from military staff is common like this interesting report from australia:

A UFO hovered in front of an Australian Navy destroyer for more than half an hour and did not appear on the warship’s radar, an Australian Navy reservist claims.
The man, who didn’t want to be named, came forward after visiting Katherine recently, where he heard about a spate of sightings of unexplained lights and objects in the sky.

The 39-year-old man said he was working on the guided missile destroyer HMAS Brisbane in 1992 as quartermaster gunner when an “illuminating, bright light” appeared in front of the boat.

“We were sailing in the Great Australia Bight when the light was suddenly in front of us, about 45 degrees, high in the sky.

“We watched it for about half an hour – but nothing was on the radar.”

The Navy Reservist said the light then “quickly moved to south east and then south west and gave a bit of a jiggle”, before it “shot up and disappeared”.

“All this took place almost 20 years ago, but it is something I’ve never forgotten and never will.

“I’ve never seen anything like it since.”

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Thursday, September 08, 2011

UFO 7th September 2011

Two Linked orbs following each other. I noticed the first orb and I zoomed in on it, to notice that there was another one following it. I reacted straight away and they got brighter and then they dimmed out. I had the satellite tracker on my Mac so I know the ISS wasn't around at that time it had already passed over earlier that day.

Object's Seen in the East, Travelling North to South. In that Direction is Garden Island and the naval base

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UFO's over Commerce City Colorado

Just what were these bright object spotted over Commerce City Colorado on August the 17th?

Ancient Aliens - Aliens, Plagues and Epidemics

Stay tuned to the History channel for the upcoming interesting episode this thursday Aliens, Plagues and Epidemics 09/08/2011

I find the upcoming epsiode particularly interesting because of the new evolution theory called Intelligent Alien Design. Richard Dawkins, one of the world's most famous champions of Darwin's Theory of Evolution and a staunch atheist, has recently been discussing the possibility that life on Earth could be the result of advanced alien engineering. He believes the complexity of DNA is such that it could not have evolved within the time frame of human evolution and that DNA on a meteorite or transported otherwise could have lead to life on earth.

Also the scary fact that viruses can change DNA permanently (the are used all the time in genetic engineering to change DNA) means that an engineered virus spread and released around the earth can change human genome (see article - are you getting more then a flu? ).

Scientists are continually challenged by unidentified strains of bacteria with mysterious origins. Could some of our most crippling plagues and epidemics be traced to the darkest voids of space--or even extraterrestrial intervention? During the Black Death of the Middle Ages, people reported bronze flying ships emitting a strange mist. As recently as 2011, NASA scientist Richard Hoover published evidence of life in meteorites. Is it possible that ancient aliens--as small as microbes--have shaped human history?

New July 2011 Season 2 & Season 1 on DVD:

Notre Dame Stadium Evacuated Twice due to UFO or Lightning Strikes ? Sep. 3, 2011

Due to severe lightning strikes over Notre Dame Stadium in Indiana the whole place was evacuated.
It was during this time people spotted a possible ufo 'tube' like craft in the sky.
It may be ball lightning but the object looked self propelled.
It is first time in history the stadium had to be evacuated according to guidelines - not just once, but twice.
If you were in the stadium of the vicinity we would like to hear your take on what happened.

The heat spawned two waves of severe thunderstorms that rolled through northern Indiana Saturday, delaying Notre Dame's battle with South Florida for nearly three hours.

"I'm from California. They don't have thunder and all that other crap," said running back Cierre Wood when asked if he had ever experienced anything like Saturday's atmospheric shenanigans.

The delay at halftime was the worst, lasting two hours and 10 minutes as lightning struck all around Notre Dame's campus. That meant each side had to deal with about 120 minutes of downtime before taking the field for a warmups.
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Former Intelligence Officer Speaks Out About UFOs

Highly controversial in the Ufo community Dr. Alexander speaks with George Knapp Interviews - September 2, 2011

"They are very real phenomena. I think we need to understand this will lead to a different understanding of how the universe is built," said Dr. John Alexander.

Dr. Alexander is skeptical by nature, but not about UFO's. After many years of stalking the topic through the corridors of power in Washington and the far-flung nooks and crannies of the military industrial complex, the former military intelligence officer is convinced that some of the objects seen in the skies are alien in origin and deserve to be studied.

"UFO's are real and I'm talking about physical reality. There are craft that are seen, balls of light flitting around, to craft -- some of them a mile and a half across. They show up on radar and are really here," he said.

But despite his acceptance of the basic UFO story, Alexander is viewed with suspicion and scorn by the pro-UFO crowd, "a real life man in black" someone called him. His frequent trips to UFO conferences are often met with overt hostility and tough questions.

"The true believers are even more hostile than the skeptics. If you don't believe their particular brand, whatever that is, you become the enemy. You've got to buy every bit of it otherwise you are part of the cover up, and blah, blah, blah," he said.

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Mutant pig alien born in Guatemala August 2011 ??

A mutant Piglet has been with human head in Guatemala this August!

Aliens have been blamed for the freakish appearance of a pig born in the remote South American village of rural Santa Cruz El Chol.

Residents of the Guatemalan village have decided that the pig's odd human-shaped head is the work of visitors from outer space, after strange bright lights were spotted hovering in the sky on the night of its birth.

Please note the below footage is a bit creepy: