Thursday, February 27, 2014

Interesting series of Lake Erie UFO sightings

These UFO/Orbs have been appearing over Lake Erie for a few several years now. These lights are certainly not stars or conventional craft, they hover for great period of time, change color and seem to appear & disappear in an instant.
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Anonymous said...

They are personal airplanes with their headlights on. The reason they seem to "appear" out of nowhere is because the earth is round. They are flying perpendicular to the ground and therefore close to the horizon you can't see the light because from your prospective the light is shining at an upward tilted angle. When it levels out to your prospective, the light will seem to magically appear. I see this all the time when I'm fishing at night on Lake Nockamixon in Bucks County, PA. There's a couple small airports nearby and people are always flying.

X-15 said...

There are indeed underwater bases in the great lakes region & hidden but powerful elements w/in this secretive government & military establishment knows this, & also who ever seen w/ even a basic knowledge of how a man made CONVENTIONAL type of aircraft of any kind could perform flight patterns such as those things did, no way from my observation they did not fly using basic forward thrust principals that you on earth are used to & for some of those who for the 1st time experience a UFO sighting may sometimes seem to want to quickly rationalize it out to be something normal but can clearly see that it isn't....

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