Tuesday, May 15, 2012

UFOs over Farmington Connecticut 5/12/12

New ufo video in from Connecticut :

Poster comments: Let me preface this by saying that there is no flight pattern near this area, and I know that there is a reflection on the iphone camera that moves quickly during the video. That isn't what we're looking at. It's the moving lights that kept flying over. While driving I noticed a group of flying orange and red lights in different patterns, and pulled off the highway to get a better video of it. Unfortunately I missed the large group of them. This is SouthWest of the Farmington/West Hartford Target. I am just as much a skeptic as anyone else, so anyone willing to offer their opinion is welcomed. This went on for over a half hour. In person, they were much brighter and the camera couldn't capture all of them at once.


Andi said...

the lights are inside the car. you can see thta the lights move WITH the camera ! in the same direction

Anonymous said...

I work by westfarms and saw these too as I was leaving work that day! Can't see your video from my phone but I'm sure it was the same thing...really odd...