Saturday, August 14, 2010

NEW crop circle 13.08.2010.northdowns nr beckhampston wiltshire

New crop circle at Northdowns, nr Beckhampton., Wiltshire. Reported 13th August. More on this one here


Anonymous said...

Jesus Christ!! and all that bollocks!

Don't gimme that heavy end of world!

If it's all gonna end I wanna have a good time about it!!!!

Gees! I mean .. hey life is pretty 'odd'.. by any accounts.. so ..lets have a blarney, eh?

no seriously! don't forget your sense of humour!.. it might just save your soul some day.... :))

(The wee buggers have been buzzin round my house of I gotta laugh - or i'll go mad!!)

Anonymous said... looks like a menorah. Very interesting, indeed!!!

Mike said...

I believe this is a picture of the gravitational relationship of the earth to the moon. The weight of a person on earth is a hair over 6x.

The smaller orb is held by a line by the larger orb. The smaller orb has one ring. The larger orb has one ring (half ring on the radiating side), has six more.

It's a nice design.