Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Strange object seen in Taiwan during lightning storm July 17 2010

This video was sent in by one of our readers - during a powerful lightning storm some strange object is revealed high up in the sky by the lights - the question is just what was it?

UFO Pyramid In Lightning Storm Taiwan 17 July 2010 Rate this posting:


Push Back said...

As I say time after time , the only way to prove any thing one way or the other is shoot them down. Do what it takes to force them out in the open. So you say what can I do , I have no gun , and I say then pick up a rock and throw it at them. The point is push back!!!!

Anonymous said...

Sorry, just looks like a cloud to me.. a stray wisp haging below the base of the storm...

jim said...

Could be a small cloud, the clouds to right seem to follow the same behaviour in that the lightning goes behind them.

Anonymous said...

look to the right at 00:14 there other strange cloud shaped objects just floating in the sky..clouds maybe...just wild guess

Anonymous said...

Yeah, shoot those dam clouds!
They're quite menacing.
Maybe we should get out the feces and the fan once again.
PB what you been smoking?

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