Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Ufo over Cleveland Heights Ohio ? 10-6-2011

Numerous people reported seeing a Ufo recently over Ohio from the emails we received.
Then we stumbled across this submitted video - filmed at 9:52pm over Cleveland Heights Ohio 10-6-2011. Was it a plane with unusual navigational lights, an experimental craft or something else? Comments appreciated.
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Anonymous said...

I look forward to checking in here on a daily basis to see what's going on in the skies ... thanks for your great work and for keeping us informed.


Anonymous said...

i seen the same thing the same night over steubenville ohio, flying pretty low. it was about 8:15pm

Anonymous said...

i seen the same thing that night about 8:15pm, flying pretty low over steubenville, ohio

Anonymous said...

clearly a badly videod plane

Michael said...

If you pause #1:12 secs you can see the triangular formation of the lights on the craft. It's not "clearly just a plane"; it's unique in that FAA regulated aircraft don't use these kind of fixed red lights. I've never seen a plane w/these kind of lights, but that doesn't mean it doesn't exist. If it is a plane it's an odd 1. it doesn't have typical FAA lights. It could be military, there's no way to know for sure; they don't tell us shit, they just lie to us & keep everything secret, & then play it off as a joke anytime we see something odd in the sky

Anonymous said...

seen something very simialr to this yesterday 5-17-2012 on my way home from work.. it was around 10:30 pm My fellow coworker and I were on 271 south right around mile marker 6

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