Sunday, February 06, 2011

Ufos mistaken as plane navigational lights?

Im really concerned at how many Ufo sites continually report aircraft navigational lights as legit Ufo sightings. Like the below 2 videos - i would seriously like your thoughts and comments, to me they are likely aircraft. Would you all like me posting sightings like the ones below?. I mean I can, its really easy to post videos like these but are they really Ufos? I just don't know, this is not RealUfos is all about.

Caracas, 5 Feb 2011

Witness report: UFO, Feb 4, 2011, 4:30am EST, Kitchener, Ontario. The way the lights moved, it gave the visual appearance to the naked eye as being a Flying Saucer. The film shows however that its more likely a stealth bomber type shape. I seen a stealth bomber at a Nascar race, it flew over the crowd. It took the crowd by surprize too cause it was so quiet and stealthy.


Jeffrey Long said...

Definitely aircraft, without a doubt. How anyone can mistake that for a genuine UFO sighting is beyond me and kinda shows that some sites either don't know what they're talking about, or are so desperate to have 'one up' on every other UFO site that they will post literally anything. Good to know you were able to tell the difference, unlike most sites out there it seems.

Anonymous said...

there is a reason why a stealth bomber is call a stealth its silent its shape deflects radar and it has no running lights that would defeat the whole purpose of being stealhty.

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't post these types of videos. You should just post videos the honestly make you go wtf is that.

Anonymous said...

Don't post obvious stuff it will mess with the credibility of the site. People may think the site is about disinfo also. By that I mean calling everything under the sun ufos so interested newcomers will lose interest over an "obviously conventional" phenomenon. Kinda like a sly version of crying wolf. Blue Book 2.0 or something. Different strategy same outcome.

Michael said...

The word "stealth" in no way implies bombers are invisible to the naked eye and/or in any way silent. "Stealth" bomber is only in reference to the shape which is barely detectible on radar. The engine of a stealth bomber is EXTREMELY loud, and if 1 flies any where near you you'll hear it long before you ever see it. I'm not implying that these ARE in fact other worldly craft in any way, Who knows WTF the military has up their sleeve, i just say that in reference to the uploaders comment "I seen a stealth bomber once at a NASCAR..." But these videos are not of the famously well known stealth bomber.

Anonymous said...

It stands to reason, that if you think they are navigational lights
or what have you!?.....then some of us will, as well! so what would the point be,in showing us something that is not of ufo. relevance? ...AND...
Considering Realufo is snowed under with reports; I'd say, do yourself & us a favour,and lighten the load! I can't speak for the others, but I would be contented with a good Documentary,an update
on ufology,an amazing photo or so!

Stay with Quality; & certainty, near as posable, because that is what Realufo stands for;
The BEST!..Realufo on the net!!

We don't need quantity so much, that's all out there, along with all the disinformation!

Its the truth, wer're looking for!
and as you say,on this blogg, on the top right hand corner:

The truth is in here!
Ufo - The Biggest story of the millenium.............not aircraft lights!?

Anonymous said...

Every pilot will tell you that this is an ordinary strobe of a plane. Nothing unusual.
I won't have such video on your websize!

SirJoey said...

My vote is no. I don't like seeing the "borderline" stuff. I think you lose credibility by posting too much of that questionable junk, & that's not what RealUFOs is all about. Besides, it's all about QUALITY, not QUANTITY, right? Either way, I remain a dedicated fan though, so keep up the good work! Peace! :)

Anonymous said...

I would like you to keep a critical eye on the videos you recieve and to not post videos that are clearly videos of airplanes, balloons or helicopters. You, the people at realUfo's have done a great job so far and I would be sad to see a change from quality to quantity.

Anonymous said...

The Caracas video is of such poor quality in its' execution and in it's photographic quality, that even if it WERE of something extraordinary it would be virtually useless. You're right, Matt, we can do without this type of video.

The second video is of slightly more interest, because the videographer zooms out again towards the end, thereby establishing the distance that the object has travelled during the period of observation. STILL, the quality is just poor enough that we are unable to establish if the object in question is a traditional aircraft with its' red and green wingtip lights - the color not reading because of the inferior nature of the equipment - the strobe not reading for the same reason OR, is it in fact something anomalous?

Anonymous said...

Pretty much sick to death of obvious airplane lights.

I know this will leave you with a problem finding good material, but this kind of 'evidence' doesn't really help anything.

Glad you're asking!

Anonymous said...

No, please don't post such videos. I live near an airport, respectively near an approach path of airplanes to that airport, and i could send you stuff like that every day. This is really not interesting.