Wednesday, July 14, 2010

ufo activity tucson arizona sun 11th july 2010

Reports of Ufo activity over tucson arizona

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Anonymous said...

I see 40 million candle power lights on the internet for sale. At the ufo hot spots of the world shine these high power lights on ufo's and aliens and this will bring about discloser.

Anonymous said...

ettekö parmpaan pysty,vai onko huonot laitteet?

Anonymous said...

i think it's all a bunch of bull. The laughter in the back ground gave it away that it was all made up.

DoomSayer said...

I'm pretty sure that was the evening that there was a small wildfire in that area...and the flames you could see in the mountains looked very similar to that. Been trying to find a link to the story but can't...It was a small fire started by lightning and was contained very quickly.

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