Wednesday, April 28, 2010

New Reader submitted Ufo reports April 2010

Quite a few new Ufo reports coming in from our readers, have combined into this post.
London, Madrid and Texas all had strangely very similar sightings with 2 lights appearing - all around Sunday and Monday. Real Ufos would like to hear from anyone in these areas who may have witnessed these lights.
UFO seen around west london last night - 26 4 10 2

UFOs over Houston, TX. 4/24/10

Filmed in the Art district in Houston, TX.
From what we could tell the lights were coming from the downtown area and were all moving at the same speed and direction. This was going on for about 30 minutes before I was able to start filming and they all stopped by the end of the video.
There was an international festival going on downtown the same weekend, but this was filmed at about midnight, so it seems a little odd they would do some sort of "light show" this late at night.
The camera I was shooting on can't handle low light situations, so I apologize there isn't a frame of reference of some sort. You can't really tell from the videos, but the lights were moving at a fairly fast pace across the sky, and would eventually fade away at the same spot in the sky.
madrid, spain, 26-04-2010. 22:00h

ufo over london monday 26-4-2010 at 10.07-

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The time is here to get an answer to what is going on in the sky over planet Earth!
Is it someone that can tell us how we can get contact with these Aliens.....!!?