Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Censorship ? DailyMotion vs Youtube for Ufo Videos

Hey Guys,
I have you ever noticed how many more sensitive ufo videos seem to appear on Dailymotion than on youtube ?

Maybe its just me but i think the difference is quite obvious if you check it our yourself and compare against other video sharing sites .

The main reason for this is that Dailymotion, unlike other video sharing services, is based and hosted in Paris France not the US - like Youtube. This means their not bound to comply with US based or corporate interference, which is considered a legitimate reason for now censorship on youtube.

With the liberal stance that the French government has on Ufos, Dailymotion likely gets support rather than Resistance when it comes to sensitive ufo videos - and this is clearly evident in their content. A number of ufo videos which seem to only exist on daily motion have often been removed from (or the users profiles banned) on youtube, - highlighting a blatant and ongoing campaign of censorship. Whether the pressure on Youtube to censor these clips comes from external sources or just the influence of scheming individuals reporting the videos i really don't know, but i think the censorship is plain to see when comparing the two sites.

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Anonymous said...

good work matt

Anonymous said...

yes i agree, very nice work man! even to go as far as deleting people's accounts on youtube isnt cool..

Anonymous said...

The big brother is living in the white house and arounds.
Democracy is a illusion.
Tom (from my cottage)

Anonymous said...

Get some pussy , if it will have you, GOD!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

To above anon:

You're a funny kid.

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