Wednesday, August 07, 2013

UFOs Appear Over Chicago 3rd August 2013

I recommend you view this UFO footage in fullscreen.
If you also saw these objects over Chicago recently please respond to this post.

Posters comments: Tony Lopez caught this interesting footage from Chicago on Saturday 3rd August 2013. Clearly the objects keep a very steady formation and they are bright enough for him to think they are rockets. Recent reports show there was a wave of sightings on the 3rd, Have you witnessed any activity over Chicago on 3rd August?


Anonymous said...

We saw the exact same thing here in NJ. Flying in formation. There were also cars pulled over on the parkway. We were at exit 168-Township of Washington-Bergen County. There were at least 12 on one side of the highway. It was scary yet exciting at the same time.

braids said...

I seen the same thing.. got video of it on my phone! but what was really strange was the clear, no lights ball we also seem flying in a straight line after all the lights diapered