Sunday, September 18, 2011

Scientists find a planet that orbits two suns

Just an interesting one here. More more planets are being detected by NASA every week and the variety of means that the chance of advanced life out there increases with every discovery.

The discovery is reminiscent of a Star wars scene of the planet Tatooine - a planet with 2 suns. One again proving that
science fiction may eventually become science-fact:

In a scene reminiscent of science fiction, researchers using observations from NASA’s Kepler spacecraft have detected a distant planet orbiting two waltzing stars, the first time such a phenomenon has been confirmed.

“This is really a stunning measurement by Kepler,” said Alan Boss of the Carnegie Institution for Science, a co-author of the study. “The real exciting thing is there’s a planet sitting out there orbiting around these two stars.”

Binary stars — two suns turning around each other — have been seen before, and astronomers have suspected planets exist around them, but Kepler’s observations are the first to confirm it.

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Anonymous said...

Two binary stars turning around each other, with a planet that orbits around the two! would think!?.....OR in a figure eight around the can't help but wonder how the seasons might work, or if there is a night, or partly one anyway!? and if the planet has oceans, how the tide might work, so many questions to look forward to, but two suns!! reminds me of a joke about two possums crossing the road,and one said to the other,LOOK possom! two moons tonight....WHOOOOSH!!.......?