Thursday, May 19, 2011

Policeman questions the filming of ufos over Mankato Minnesota

As you may know Mankato Minnesota made the news last month with numerous people calling in reporting ufos over that area.
Now this footage shows a  man was filming a ufo at the end of April  near Mankato Minnesota when he was stopped by the policeman for "suspicious behaviour". Was he just crazy or did he really see something?
If the airport was really closed why didn't the police stop and look at what was going on in the sky?
Your comments appreciated.


Anonymous said...

I didn't think this man was crazy at all,not at all!
He even used a tripod! that was helpful for us,and talked through his sighting, of his thoughts all good!

The Police officer was just doing his job,as they always do,and not interested in what was going on up there,considering the airport,I expect.

Even if the officer was aware of ufo. this man was reported as: "suspicios behaviour"
One of those moment! lol..whatch you doing..ha!ha!

Anonymous said...

Yeah this was a nice one and cheers for the dude who was filming and nice that used tripod :) Keep on hunting.

ufozmankato said...

If you look at my channel UFOZMANKATO on youtube, you will find lots of cops hasseling me. Also fresh video of numerous ufos. Peace.

ufozmankato said...

Ufozmankato Youtube. More cops n ufos there.