Monday, March 14, 2011

Both New Zealand & Japan Earthquakes were accurately predicted using solar flare data !

Before i go on please don't miss the video below (note it was uploaded 15th feb) . Its enough to silence many who doubted the solar - earthquake link!
A heated debate has erupted yet again after my most recent post about solar flare activity and the resulting effect of earthquakes on Earth. Science still wishes to ignore the obvious connection because there is no textbook explanation yet to explain how this would occur, however some claim that there is mounting evidence that shows a significant relationship between earthbound CME solar flares, sunspots regions, coronal holes and resulting seismic activity.
I want to remind everyone that earthquake science itself is still only at an infant stage with theories such as Plate tectonics having only really emerged in the late 1960s. Basically little is still known still about the true trigger of earthquakes below the earths crust. Its important however  when a correlating relationship is evident that it must not be ignored and further investigation is required. A simple fact is that when a mass absorbs energy (Like earth absorbing powerful energy from a CME blast) that the mass will need to  disspate the energy somehow (E=Mc2). Of course the theories linking solar flares to earthquakes are much more complex and take into fact solar wind telemetry, sun spots, trajectories of the flares, coronal holes and more.
A Must watch: ( I would like all your feedback after you see this)
This Video was Uploaded  Feb 15, 2011 - And look He got both the New Zealand and Japan Earthquakes predicted accurately ! Listen up: 

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Significant Solar Flare's and solar disturbances indicate a potential of a possible 8+ earthquake during this watch.

I have targeted an area 26-29 Degrees North Latitude as the main area of concern, the most likely areas at risk for this large earthquakes could be: Ryukyu Islands/Bonin Islands Japan region, Gulf Of California, India-Bangladesh Regions or the region near Nepal. Time frame of possible event is the first few days of the watch period.

Southern Hemisphere there is a potential event around 45-50 Degrees Latitude, most likely fit region is the base or South Island New Zealand extending down towards Macquarie Islands, possible magnitude could be 6.2 to 6.5 and the time frame would be the end of this watch period.

Possible volcanic eruptions around the Japan Islands or the La Palma Volcano in the Canary Islands.

March 13 2011 and onwards predictions:

Significant Geomagnetic Storms was observed during March 11, accompanied with powerful solar winds this new geomagnetic activity is expected to be geoeffective March 14-16 and could produce two large 7.5 magnitude earthquakes during this watch.

Northern Hemisphere is the main area of watch, coronal hole targeted sits 29-33 degrees north latitude. main areas at risk for a potential 7.5 magnitude earthquake are : Baha California/LA, Ryukyu Islands-Japan, Southern Iran, less probable are the regions Sichuan China, Northern Mid-Atlantic Ridge or Volcanic activity in the Canary Islands Region(La Palma)
Southern Hemisphere watch has a coronal hole 5-9 degrees South Latitude, possible regions at risk are Banda Sea, Flores Sea or the Kepulauan Babar region-Indonesia

Large coronal hole in the southern hemisphere puts the New Zealand region at risk(41-44degrees) during the March 13-14 time frame if solar winds drop significantly. presently solar winds are at 5.50km/s and if they remain at these levels for 24-36 hours the area should not receive a significant earthquake

Earthquake watch? I advise that people keep an active eye on Solar storms - especially if they are earthbound (check daily for updates) and keep an eye on predictive youtube channels like 
this one and this one)


Anonymous said...

While these Earthquake predictions
using solar flare data,have caught my attention,and have us thinking,
would have been more useful and
"impressive"if we could have seen all this before the disaster's had
struck, New Zealand & Japan.
because its easy to announce all this, after an event,..than it is before it happens.

If all this is correct, then it might have saved lives!?.......

andrew said...

predictions only save lives if people believe and act on them

they were posted in time and were so accurate thAT I turned the tele on to watch events

its hard getting governments to act on free predctions even when they prove extremeley accuarte when they spend billions of dollars to get it so so wrong

Anonymous said...

Yeah!..understand Andrew, and of cause your right,predictions only save lives if people "BELIEVE" and act on it.

This has got to have been a HUGE "wake up call"!?

DJ Twisted Sister said...

Maybe if these earthquake prediction specialists would liase with the proper government agencies to get the warnings out there in news broadcasts and local radio,etc. then maybe people would be more alert to the possibility. It's hard to say though. A lot of people don't react until it's happening or after the fact - and nobody likes false alarms.

Denise Raterta said...

Interesting info on correlation between coronal holes, earth seismic activity and time shifts

Anonymous said...

something can happen at Seymour-South of Newzeland on wednesday 23 of March 2011 at 6:26 am or 6:26 pm.

twistedscissors713 said...

Why is it so hard for people to believe that the sun and the earth and the moon and everything inbetween are connected. We are all connected with everything that is. Know It!

Anonymous said...

Why is it soo hard for people to believe that the sun and the earth and the moon and everything inbetween are connected. We are all connected to evertything that is! Know it!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous- do you not know the meaning of the word you used? "Predicted." It means they WERE announced before the event. WoodlandsPRO