Monday, October 25, 2010

Ufo light slows down as jet passed by Alvin Texas

Unknown source of mysterious light was seen traveling over the ALVIN,TX skies on OCT. 24, 2010 The mysterious light seems to slow down as the jet plane passes by it. Venus is clearly seen next to the U.F.O. The light had no strobes nor any other indicators like any man made flying objects
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Poceni Pc said...

i would say all this are planes and helicopters...

Anonymous said...

weird movement at the end and doesn't seem to be because of the camera...odd stuff!!

Nick DK said...

I dont see it as being stationary at any point.
To me it clearly is moveing towards venus while the jetplane is passing.

But what it is, im not sure of.

Bathtub said...

It's another plane. First it's moving towards the camera, then it turns right and appears to be moving quite quickly relative to the viewer. The lights being displayed are nothing out of the ordinary at all.

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