Tuesday, May 25, 2010

BBC Journalist filmed a UFO in the skies above Stourbridge

A BBC WM journalist has filmed a mysterious light in the skies above Stourbridge.
The footage was recorded at around 9.30pm on the evening of Monday, 17 May using a mobile phone.
It shows an orange ball crossing the horizon above Wollaston, travelling from north to south, before disappearing behind some trees.

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Anonymous said...

Oh come on! Could be everything. A Chinese lantern or a slow plane glowing orange in the evening sun.

Please do not post such useless material. All what we are waiting for since many many years is real proof!


Anonymous said...

i think too much of these crap videos that people add on the net since a good genuine one hasnt been filmed in a while waters down the good ones and the credability of them and those who no the truth

Anonymous said...

Universal forces outherlimet /that what ~ufo~ is and they are superior inteligent they have at craft is a life so if someone try to see are sensitiv we dont understand so who know what or how long they ben in the univers i saw the energy ball and in the nigth the one are triangle it is a piramid