Wednesday, May 12, 2010

ball of light over stonehenge crop circle 10th May 2010

As the saying goes 'where there are balls of light there will be crop circles'....
This is Footage of the bright ball of light at Stonehenge crop circle 10th may.
Is it no co-incidence that the first crop circle of the year appeared nearby a few days before?
This ball of light appeared for us twice in two different locations. At times very bright and clearly seen in broad
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Push Back said...

A light from the trees. Still don't get it do Ya. Now that you have one of those 40 million candle power lights. Shine it on the UFO , not at the camera.

lamoroma said...

It was me who filmed this. Unfortunatley i had my old DVcamcorder so quality is'nt great. Had this on max zoom so the shaking could'nt be helped. It certainly was'nt a reflection as we had earlier filmed another ball of light in a different part of the field, and also another from a the opposite field.

Antonio said...

I'm a believer in UFOS but I have to say this doesnt seem legitimate.

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