Saturday, April 17, 2010

The Meteor over Iowa, Illinois, Missouri

Wednesday night around 21:30, over the midwest United States, specifically over Iowa, Illinois, Missouri and Indiana, a huge fireball was sighted in the sky.
The observation in the different States lasts just fifteen minutes telling CNN:
"The fireball was moving from west to east. Before disappearing on the horizon, it separated into small pieces pusieurs."


slywadem said...

ok, moving west to east. i have hunted for that info for 15 hrs. thank you. with that travel direction, it would seem that this is not a meteor at all. likely a product of an earth based space agency vehicle re-entry. these reports have contained descriptions of sonic boom type noises and in the broadcast videos has depiction of explosion-like, bright flash further indicating atmospheric penetration.

slywadem said...

west to east direction of travel. this would indicate a re-entry of an object from one of our earth based space systems. reports of sonic boom indicates atmospheric penetration along with the explosion-like bright flash depicted in the various videos. this was no meteor. however, an alien source could not be ruled out, however as unlikely.