Monday, August 10, 2009

Orbs moving in and out Dundee Scotland.. wow

Satellites don't move like this... watch as these orbs move in and orb .. wow!
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Anonymous said...

We live in new zealand and see these all the time also when there is one there is usally always more! they are exactly like this and at first we thought they were satelites but as he said satelites dont move like that.
im pleased we are not the only ones who have wondered what these things are!

Anonymous said...

fucking amazzzzing

sk8ingissick said...

This is a great post mate...Im in Australia and we also are getting some top sightings! Keep posting this stuff, its making the debunkers look ridiculous and continuing to open minds everywhere!!
Thats gold!

Anonymous said...

I saw this one on youtube ( a week ago and it's a Must Have See Video.

Amazing, Great, one.

spacecowboy said...

Incredible footage.

markymint said...

Definitely one of the best videos in recent months! infrared is the way forward :)

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