Saturday, March 28, 2009

New UFO Hunters 215 Underground Alien Bases

New Ufo hunters episode:
It could be one of the darkest and most sinister secrets in the entire field of UFO investigation: human-alien genetic experiments, reportedly going on deep below the New Mexico desert brush in an underground base. There are even accounts of an uprising and a shootout between humans and rebellious alien Greys.




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Neurotoxicum said...

Great episode!

But there is one question on my mind: If they are really disclosing/discovering anything the government wants to hide, then why would anyone allow this to be broadcasted?
I mean wouldn't it be easy to censor episodes or simply make them disappear?

Or is UFO-Hunters a part of the whole disclosing process that seems to be taking place?

Anonymous said...

So.. it's simple. Do a DNA test on that deformed "cow-thing".

As for the DUMB, I have no doubt these exist or that unethical human experimentation happens. If we can conceive it, it's probably being done somewhere.

Mikoratee said...

I'm bookmarking this for future reference. IMO, I think this is the most important and best episode out.

Ken Lonewolf said...

I have had several encounters with UFOs since I was eight years old. And one encounter with a little gray alien at arm's length, and I can thank this little guy for curing me of the worst case of flu that I have ever had. Actually, the little guy was sort of cute, but a bit different from a human, especially his hands and large black slanted almond shaped eyes. It never spoke. I haven't had a cold or flu since then. That was about thirty years ago. Believe me when I tell you that aliens are real. Most of my encounters have been while piloting airplanes.One over top of a major airport. Some while in contact with air controllers and the UFOs have been on their radar screens.

Anonymous said...

I tried 4 of the mini videos and found they are blocked...says due to copyright but that`s a cover story...right ?!

Anonymous said...

I was also blocked from watching 4 of the videos about Dulce, New Mexico. The words 'Not available in your country,' came up on my screen. But what I WAS able to watch is extremely interesting, profound & definitely believable! Thank you for all your time & effort.

Anonymous said...

Sometime soon after the new year I was able to watch EVERY part of the Dulce video. When I started reading the comments here I had no idea WHERE I'd come across what I'd watched, so thinking to revisit whatever site & leave the address here, I got into my favorites. Clicked the link, then found out I'd watched it right here. But like someone else said, *right here* I could only view parts 2 and 5. That is a bit strange - more like someone was messing around on purpose trying to make it seem part of *the great conspiracy*. :-|

Sondre Heien said...

All parts works for me.

Casbah said...

Since 1947, the best the ufo experts could come up as evidence is a deformed cow fetus! Where is the real proof of greys or reptilians?

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