Monday, February 09, 2009

More on the Greek Airforce UFO coverup

All news web is doing a great job in this article again covering the Greek airforce UFO coverup:

A captain of an Olympic Airways flight from Athens to London noticed a strange bright object following his plane-his sighting was then corroborated by the staff of two radar stations and observation towers on the ground, one being the control tower of the Athens Airport and the other being a Greek Air Force radar station in the mountains above Athens.
F-16 jets were scrambled to intercept the object.
The incident was kept secret for over a year until a number of Greek media outlets publicised the story based on leaked documents and testimony.
Now it can be revealed that the initial aviation authority report that documented this most interesting event and was brought to light by a number of Greek media outlets was mysteriously pulled off the web within days of being published and replaced by a heavily censored version!

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Airforce jets and Ufos video -

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M Cohen said...

Thanks for the compliment-it appears this story will now see the light of day, BTW I am working on a bigger one that should be out soon.