Friday, June 13, 2008

China grows powerful - underground military bases on Google earth

Hey Guys,
Just steering off the Ufo topic at the moment. We we think of Underground bases we usually think of them in the US. But now China has gone full steam building numerous massive underground bases. They are so large that they can be seen from space and are an engineering feat: Check them out with google earth:

It seems that China has grown both powerful & rich and it is a shock to know that one day it may overtake America as the leading global military superpower. The pentagon has commented recently on this: its "difficult to ignore" that China was building a major naval base where it could house its nuclear forces and increase it "strategic capability considerably further afield". read more ...

If you want to see more of the bases we recommend you get google earth to see the bases in greater detail

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Anonymous said...

So let's bomb China next !


Seriously though,this blogsite is going more and more off topic. is where I'm getting my fix more so these days.