Friday, June 06, 2008

Chemtrails ufos & weather manipulation - just what is going on?

Following on the the below post, chemtrails are a hot topic in the ufo community . Not to be confused with contrails - which is just exhaust from planes, Chemtrails on the other hand are deliberate chemical spraying from planes, often for the purpose of experimental weather manipulation. With the growing concerns over climate change governments all over the world are desperately looking to manipulate weather patterns - by using chemical sprays to trigger clouds. Often after these chemtrails chris cross the skies clouds form and more mysteriously ufos are almost always seen monitoring the trails. (my previous posts 1 & 2 about the ufo - chemtrail link)


mwilt1 said...

Not all contrails are jet exhaust. Some of what you are seeing are water vapor and ice crystals that are being formed on the leading edge of the wings and control surfaces, depending on the temperature at altitude. The picture of the air refueling basket is also misrepresented in this video, it is basically a bullseye for fighter pilots. I know, I flew the pods in the USAF.

Anonymous said...

This thread was started by a CIA agent trying to spread more conspiracy theories.

I love how some moron looks up in the sky and is THE FIRST! to see vapor trails on high altitude planes.
Im sure this moron took samples from the planes chemical holding tanks.

Fucken idiots like this use up my air. Please ride the next comet outta town, I'm mean drink the coolade and ride on the mothership.

Anonymous said...

Even if this is true.. it's not surprising. Our population is exploding. There are food, oil, and everything shortages coming. So, spreading trace amounts of chemicals in an effort to reduce everyone's lifespans by a few years at best. That surprises you? You're shocked?

That being said, it's probably not true. We probably breath more toxins from cigarette smoke and exhaust every day than what these planes would be (hypothetically) emitting. Also, with current birthrates, no amount of crap from a jet can slow down human reproduction at its current trends.

Anonymous said...

If a few neighbourhoods find an open barrel of toxic waste from an unknown source, that would be concerning.

Anonymous said...

why are chemtrails such a big secret? and why is most chemtrail spraying done over populated area's,if its weather modification why can't they avoid populated areas?only one answer i can think of LOL,i feel very SICK !!!

nicedread303 said...

On "Chemtrails" and weather "manipulation" thats old science. Using metal oxides to create clouds for weather alterations is old hat. I believe they used to use rockets to do it in the 50s or something. Its usually a last ditch sort of thing as there are negative effects as with any sort of atmospheric chemical release and I assume even more so with metal oxides. The fact that the planet is in trouble is more old news. On the "orbs" near the chemtrails I would say they were probably(really this time) weather ballons. You would need some sort of direct and current weather reading of the area you planned on trying to manipulate to see if what you were doing was effective. In the face of massive planetary cotastrophy the exceptable level of human heath impact grows. I would look at the trails as a sign of the times. We are pretty f-ed. If the powers that be have decided to drop harmful chemicals into the sky knowing full well of the health impact on even themselves because it 'might work'... maybe its better that those people screaming "Obama is a Nazi!" don't know about it... or maybe thats why there are poeple screaming outside of town halls so we don't look up... Its dangerous and those smart enough to deploy it are well aware of the dangers but they made a decision; most likely based on the danger of doing nothing, to do it anyway is the point.